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Commercial & Industrial Metal Roof Retrofit & Repair

The Flat Roof Company’s team of expert technicians specialize in single-ply retrofit roofing systems as a cost-effective alternative to a total roof replacement for our St. Louis customers. Our signature three-step process to retrofit your commercial or industrial metal roof adds a professionally sealed layer to the top of your building’s already existing metal roof, eliminating the need for a total roof replacement.

Retrofit Roofing Process

Upon inspection, our team may decide that a retrofit roof may be the ideal solution for your building. The installation of a single-ply retrofit roofing system is done in three comprehensive steps and is a new and innovative means of upgrading your metal roof, without the cost of a full replacement. 

1. Our three-step retrofit installation process begins by filling in the current metal grooves with insulation board, creating a flush surface on the top of your buildings current metal roof.

2. We then install an additional layer of insulation board on top of the flush surface to ensure that the new retrofit roof will maintain itself through many years of weather, sun, and other potential threats to the quality of your roof.

3. Our team of expert technicians will install a new layer of single-ply membrane on top of the new layers of insulation. This completes the retrofit metal roofing process.

Our Single-Ply Retrofit Roofing Process is backed by our 100% Leak Free Guarantee for both the labor and materials involved. If you believe a retrofit metal roof may be the best option for your commercial or industrial building, contact us today to begin your free inspection! 

Serving St. Louis and Surrounding Areas Across Missouri & Western Illinois

The Flat Roof Company has been serving St. Louis and the surrounding areas for over 30 years, providing quality flat roof solutions at affordable prices. We guarantee a roofing project complete to your satisfaction. We service a wide mile radius throughout and around St. Louis, Missouri as well as Western Illinois to ensure our dedication to your commercial and industrial roofing needs.