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Skylight Installs & Repairs

Whether you need skylights repaired or installed, the professionals at the Flat Roof Company have the knowledge and solutions necessary to get the job done right.

Skylights, like other penetrations on roof tops, often get caught up in those blustery wind gusts we get in St. Louis and may cause shaking and vibrations to occur. These situations can lead to cracks surrounding roof areas and/ or to skylights themselves.

Existing Skylights may just need to be recaulked at the meeting points of the window pane and framework to keep you dry.

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Serving the St. Louis Area

Flat Roof Co. has been serving the St. Louis area for over 30 years, providing quality flat roof solutions at affordable prices. We guarantee a roofing project complete to your satisfaction. We service a 100 mile radius around St. Louis, Missouri including Belleville and Granite City, Illinois.