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Metal Roof Restoration in St. Louis

At The Flat Roof Company, we provide professional metal roof restoration and metal roof repair services throughout the St. Louis area. Metal roof restoration is a cost-effective process designed to dramatically extend the life of your roof without the need for costly repair or replacement. A complete restoration process improves performance by inhibiting rust, mending and preventing leaks and providing an energy-efficient, long-lasting finish on your roof for years to come. A roof restoration can even add to the property value of your home or building by protecting and preserving an existing investment, which can be extremely important when it comes time to sell.

Metal Roof Restoration Process

We utilize a 3-step metal roof restoration process with service before, during and after a project has been completed.

1. Inspection – At The Flat Roof Company, our roofing experts will thoroughly inspect and evaluate your existing roof to see if your property qualifies for restoration.

2. Preparation - If your property qualifies for a metal roof restoration, our professionals will then begin preparing your roof by removing and cleaning all debris and dirt from its surface.

3. Metal Roof Repair & Reinforcement – Once preparation has been complete, our roofing specialists will repair and strengthen the areas of your roof that need improvement. In addition, we will provide an evaluation to help develop an effective plan to repair and maintain the condition of your roof.

Proven Materials

At The Flat Roof Company, we use industry-leading materials in our metal roof restorations to reinforce the durability and performance of your roof. The application of our protective coatings will help improve resistance to water and other conditions resulting from harsh St. Louis weather. As a trusted roofing contractor throughout the area, we stand by our work with a Leak Free Guarantee provided to all customers.

Benefits of Metal Roof Restoration:

  • Reduced future maintenance costs
  • Fewer materials used and disposed
  • Efficient and affordable alternative to roof replacement
  • Little disturbance for those occupying the home or business
  • Reduced heating and cooling costs with Energy Star roof coatings
  • Minimized roof expansion and contraction during temperature fluctuations

For more information about metal roof restoration and metal roof repair, Contact The Flat Roof Company or call us at 314-995-2700 to schedule a Free Estimate today.

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