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Flat Roof Maintenance in St. Louis

Roofs are the first line of defense for your family or your business when it comes to inclement weather. Making sure your flat roof is maintained by professionals who have been in the business for numerous years is a necessity. Keep your investment safe with the experts at the Flat Roof Company in St. Louis.

Flat Roof Maintenance includes:

  • Ponding
    After a rain or snow, flat roofs are particularly vulnerable to ponding, where pools of standing water do not properly drain or evaporate quickly. If left undetected, ponding can lead to cracks, leaks and structural problems.

  • Snow and Ice Buildup
    After a heavy snowfall or freeze-thaw conditions, your flat roof could experience snow and ice buildup. If this occurs, it is best to contact your roof contractor to safely remove snow and ice from your flat roof with the proper equipment to avoid more serious issues including, blocked drains, roof splitting, ponding and more.

  • Blisters
    If you detect raised, spongey-like surfaces on your roof, these are typically signs of blistering. When blistering occurs, pockets of air appear on your roof caused by water buildup that has gotten in between the layers of roofing. While smaller air blisters may not be an immediate issue, larger blisters should be looked at as they are likely to pop, exposing the roof and allowing water to seep through the roof.

  • Splitting
    When examining your roof, we carefully look for splits, cracks and open seams along the joints of your roofing membrane and other materials. Known as splitting, this is often a result of inattention to the previous warning signs, such as ponding, snow and ice buildup, freeze-thaw cycles and surfaces stress. If your roof reaches this state, Contact The Flat Roof Company for proper repair before leaking occurs.

  • Penetrations
    Examining roof penetrations such as chimneys, vents, skylights, solar panels, duct pipes and making sure that they are in good, waterproofed condition is important in maintaining your flat roof. It is also important to ensure all penetrations are completely stabilized and have not been loosened due to high winds, rusting of metal and other causes, which may develop future roof leakage.

  • Gutters
    Another critical step in maintaining your flat roof is reassuring that your gutters are clean, properly flowing and in good condition as they take water directly off your roof. If gutters become clogged, water will be forced to take an alternative exit, meaning your flat roof could experience possible damage.

  • Drains
    If your flat roof's drains are blocked or clogged with debris and other objects, it could result in ponding, stress on the gutters and even leakage. Therefore, it is essential to make sure roof drains and their covers are always clean and in place.

  • Debris Removal
    Regular, seasonal inspection of your flat roof – and even more often if you have lots of trees nearby – is extremely important in that debris, such as leaves, branches, dirt and pollen could result in poor drainage and cause ponding on your flat roof in the future. Therefore, clearing our debris and keeping your flat roof clean is essential in preventing many of the above problems from happening.

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